So you can’t touch your toes. Join the club! Even if you don’t count flexibility as one of your strengths, that doesn’t mean yoga isn’t right for you, although it persists as one of the most common excuses for not giving it a try. The best responses we’ve heard to this is excuse sound something like, “that’s like saying that you can’t go grocery shopping because you don’t have anything in your cupboards.” Or, “your teeth are too dirty to brush.” Flexibility is a product of yoga, not a prerequisite.

Now before anyone goes and starts raving about how flexibility is genetic, hear us out.

Admittedly, while yoga can improve your flexibility over time, some people just aren’t designed to be human pretzels. But here’s the bright side: yoga isn’t just about holding crazy poses and sticking your ankle behind your head; it’s about finding mental and physical balance and strength, and listening to your body’s limitations.

For every pose you struggle with, there’s most likely a modification that even the least bendy yogi can successfully hold. You should never feel pain while practicing yoga – this is your body’s way of saying you’ve reached your max. In fact, yoga is a great way for those starting out a new fitness regime to introduce motion into their bodies without pain! The most important aspect to focus on is your breathing. If you’re breathing, you’re doing yoga.

Still not feeling satisfied?

As we mentioned earlier, flexibility is a product of yoga. Inevitably, you will become more flexible. We promise, you will be amazed at how quickly you will increase your flexibility. Yeah, you might not ever be able to put both of your feet behind your head, but yoga is about letting your guard down, and letting go. Yoga is about focusing on what you are accomplishing, not what you aren’t.
We’d love for you try yoga with us. We offer personalized classes to fit your needs, and flexibility. Remember, yoga is designed to improve your body and mind, resulting in an overall sense of well-being. The best way to judge your progress is not by how close you come to reaching your toes, but how you feel about yourself afterwards. Connect with us on Facebook, and share a photo of you in your favorite pose! Let’s celebrate our flexibility together!