You just read couples yoga and immediately you pictured this. We greatly admire yogis who are able to do this, but we aren’t all this advanced. Don’t let your assumption of what couples yoga may look like stop you from trying though. We encourage you to try it!

Couples yoga has so many benefits, which impact you and your loved one physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a gift that unifies two people. And at Yogis On the Go it can be done in your own home for a more comfortable and intimate setting with your partner.

Here are a three reasons why you should gift a couple’s yoga session to your loved one:

  • To build stronger communication and emotional support: Yoga movements are slow, graceful and relaxing. Through these movements with your partner you will begin to have a deeper connection. Because you’ll be relying on the other person listening, communicating and relying on each other will be key to getting the most of our your workout. Partner yoga relieves stress, tensions and teaches how to put aside each others’ differences in order to work together.


  • To build trust and reconnect: Take a second to picture the couples yoga pose again. You won’t be trying anything this advanced on your first day, but you have to start somewhere. You’re going to have to rely on your partner to hold onto you, stay put or stay balanced. In these poses, sometimes you must relinquish control to your partner.This experience will help you discover each other’s limitations and talents and being able to accept them all. You have to work together and make due with what you have. Let’s not forget an added bonus of reconnected and building trust is jumpstarting your time in the bedroom with your partner.


  • It is a gift that keeps on giving: Everything you implement on your mat, can also be implemented in real life. Couples yoga goes beyond from improving one’s’ posture or flexibility, but it builds a stronger intimate bond between you. And no matter where you in your relationship, taking the time to create shared moments can help rekindle your love.

Give your loved one and yourself the opportunity to experience partner yoga to enhance a deeper, more intimate relationship. Connect with us on Facebook, and check out our Shop Sessions page to book your partner yoga session.