Getting bored of your regular workout routine? Even the most enjoyable workout can get boring if you practice it the same way every day. That’s why you should move your yoga practice outdoors! Yoga is a great way to unwind after a long day and relieve any stress you might have. Taking it outdoors will provide a deeper and more gratifying experience. It’s even proven that exercising outdoors has a positive impact on your vitality, or in other words, increases your enthusiasm, aliveness and energy.

Why practice yoga outdoors?

There are many perks to practicing yoga outdoors. The breeze will help deepen your breath, and the warm sunshine will provide your daily dose of Vitamin D (one of the essential vitamins for strong bones and a healthy immune system), as well as aid in relaxing your muscles, allowing for a more intense practice. Afterwards, you will feel calm, rejuvenated and happy from inside out.

10 places to practice yoga outdoors

Here are our favorite 10 spots in DFW area to practice yoga outdoors.

1. Nasher Sculpture Center

You can practice amongst more than 170 trees and large-scale pieces in the sculpture garden! Make sure you bring a towel though, since mats are not allowed.

2. Center Park

Located in NorthPark Center’s manicured lawn, it’s the perfect spot to do yoga! If you don’t mind being surrounded by local shoppers, you should try out this space. Every Saturday throughout summer, CenterPark will be filled with fellow yogis.

3. Sundance Square Plaza

Located in Dowtown Fort Worth, this is an especially popular place in the yogi community. Come and experience your practice in the hustle and bustle of the city!

4. Panther Island Pavilion:

Panther Island Pavilion is one of the DFW spots that have become a mecca for outdoor exercise. Come and witness the many fitness classes that take place and motivate yourself towards your own practice.

5. Klyde Warren Park

This park is a local hot spot day and night for activities for park-goers of all ages. The 5.2 acre of urban green space in downtown Dallas is the perfect getaway to give your outdoor yoga practice a try.

6. Katy Trail

This popular hiking spot is the ideal place for outdoor activity. Escape the city chaos on this green trail that is surrounded by fellow yogis. Practice in the conveniently located Reverchon Park, or combine your practice with a sunrise hike! Bring your own mat, but there are several available water fountains on the trail.

7. White Rock Lake

The local park is a great spot if you want to practice with some scenery. From the picturesque views, and the cool breeze from the lake, there is plenty of space for you to move your practice here.

8. Tietze Park

Tietze Park is another local Dallas hot spot for outdoor exercise. Grab your mat and water and come try it out.

9. Griggs Park

Conveniently located in Uptown Dallas, Griggs Park is a historic 8-acre park that provides a safe, beautiful area for your yoga practice. Surrounded by the downtown skyline, this is a spot you should definitely try to experience your practice in the outdoors.

10. Bachman Lake Park

Bachman Lake Park is another great Dallas location for your outdoor yoga practice. Grass surrounding Bachman Lake provides the perfect spot for your outdoor yoga experience. Switch up your yoga practice and move it outdoors

These 10 spots are just a few of the many spots to move your yoga practice outdoors.Summer is the perfect time to diversify your routine, and make your practice more interesting. Don’t forget sunscreen and water to battle the summer sun!

If you are interested in moving your yoga practice outdoors and want to schedule a meet-up, contact one of our yogis any time and connect with us on Facebook.