When you hear meditation, does ‘OM’ instantly play on repeat in your mind? If so, you probably only see meditation in one light – and that’s where we come in! For a beginner yogi, you might be unaware that meditation is incorporated into yoga sessions. Now, don’t let this scare you away! We have collected 4 meditation techniques for yoga beginners that make meditation  not as nerve-wracking as you are initially thinking! The main purpose is to focus and quiet your mind and with a few simple tricks, you can get there! Sounds pretty easy, right??

Why meditation is important to your yoga practice

Part of a well-rounded yoga experience is the practice of meditation. In yoga, you are enhancing your body’s ability to concentrate and relax. Both of those are essential to meditating. So you’re basically halfway there!

Meditation allows your brain to reach a relaxed state giving you sort of a mental stillness. Which seems crazy when you have a million and one thoughts running through your mind! An easy way to learn how to meditate is to focus on the present and be “in the moment”, making it harder for your attention to be pulled toward distracting thoughts.


4 meditation techniques for yoga beginners to keep in mind:

  1. Concentration Meditation: Sit with good posture and gaze at a certain object in order to focus your mind. Then focus on the rhythm of your breath while clearing your mind. Instant relaxation!
  2. Active Meditation: This is where movement comes in to play. Focusing your thoughts on something specific during the flow between yoga poses is another great way to meditate. Without actually feeling like you’re meditating!
  3. Few Minutes Per Day: As a beginner, you should start practicing mediation for just a few minutes each day! Like anything else, you will build up a tolerance so you’ll be able to meditate for an entire day if you feel up for it!
  4. Redirecting Focus: When you first sit down and start meditating, your mind will most definitely wander. Just be prepared and don’t get discouraged! Simply redirect your focus back to the present moment and go from there.


Now it is important to remember that meditation is not about reaching a blank mind, so there is absolutely NO pressure to have a perfect mediation technique after just a few sessions! With a bit of practice using these meditation techniques for yoga beginners, you will be a meditation pro in no-time! If you want to step outside of your comfort zone check out our sessions and start your meditation journey today!